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"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth"
III John 1:4

Friday, March 9, 2012

Ten Tips For Parents of Teens

1) Support...don't smother. I have seen too many well-meaning parents over-protect and over-parent their teenagers. By the time they are  teens (older teens ), your children should be able to navigate everyday life pretty much on their own. That includes things like turning in assignments, relating to peers, interacting with teachers and other authority figures when neccessary. Remember, you are training them to be independent, confident young adults who will be well equipped and ready when they leave the nest.

2) Allow teens a measure of freedom that is in line with their level of maturity. It's important for teens to know that you trust them. That is, as long as they have done nothing to break that trust. Remember though, that your job is to be their parent not their best friend.

3) Encourage your teen in areas where they have special talent or apptitude. For example, help them find a teacher for music lessons, go to their sports events and tell the coach you are willing to help, tell them why you think they would make a great class president...help them make posters! You know their strengths sometimes better than they do.

4) Have regular family time where your teen can relax and feel loved and accepted. Teens still enjoy family time whether they will admit it or not. Have a family game night, go out to a favorite restaurant, go putt-putt golfing...just spend time together as a family.

5) Physical touch is still important after your child becomes a teen. Continue to give hugs and pats on the back. (just not in public!)

6) Encourage your teen to have friends over. Be polite and welcoming to them...feed them! Make your home the gathering spot.

7) Pray with and for your teen. Be involved in your local church and take your teen with you! There they can build Christian friendships, study God's Word and grow spiritually under godly teachers and youth leaders.

8) Capitalize on those rare one-on-one times with your teen.Find out what is going on in their life. Do more listening than talking. Be prepared to put down what you're doing and listen when they want to talk.

9) Help your teen plan his or her future, whether it's college, technical training or the mission field. They may need you for practical help in this area. Be excited as you talk with them about their future and what God has in store for them. Point them to God for direction and guidance.

10) Treat your teens with respect. Be fair, consistent and patient with them. We, as parents, need to model the behavior we want our teens to display to others.

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