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"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth"
III John 1:4

Monday, April 23, 2012

10 Things Happy People Know

   1) Happiness and positivity are a CHOICE. God can give you the strength to make that choice.

 2) God KNEW what was going to happen in your life and he is in total control. He will use your particular trial or situation to:

Shape you.  Sanctify you. Grow you. Change you.

3) Heaven is a real place and as a believer in Jesus Christ it is my future home. Jesus has gone ahead to prepare a place for me there...and it will be GLORIOUS! Nothing can pluck me out of his hand.

4) Other people do not have the power to destroy my peace and joy unless I LET them. I can always choose to:

Let things go. Resist jumping to conclusions. Not assume a sinister ulterior motive. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

5) There is great joy in SERVING others. It always helps to get our eyes off of ourselves and to focus on other people and the needs around us. When we do this, we're much less likely to dwell on our own problems.

6) It is my responsibility as a believer to be SALT AND LIGHT in the world. I should be an example of inner peace and enduring joy in times of testing. Your response to trouble and hardship will be watched by the world.

7) EVERYTHING will eventually pass. If you can look ahead to a week...a month...a year, down the road, you will realize that things will eventually:

Change. Get better. Heal. Be forgotten.

8) It is much wiser to say "no" than to over commit. Having too many irons in the fire does NOT a happy person make. You cannot do it all...regardless of what worldly wisdom says. SEEK THE LORD and do only what he is leading you to do.

9) Living to please people or to be accepted by the world will NEVER bring contentment and true peace. Live only to please God. Get over having to:

Look like. Dress like. Perform like. Shop like. Mother like. Volunteer like...

everyone else.

10) Starting the day with prayer is ESSENTIAL. As is spending time in the Word of God daily!

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