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"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth"
III John 1:4

Sunday, February 12, 2012

10 Essential Things I Want My Children to Know

 1)    Your parents are sinners, forgiven yes, but still sinners. Although it is our responsibility to model Christian behavior for you, we often fail. Therefore, you should look ultimately to God's Word and the example of Jesus Christ to know how to live. I guess I'm saying, "Do as He did, not as we do!"

2)     Character is more important than popularity. Don't be afraid to be different. Have integrity. Interestingly enough, as you exhibit character traits like kindness, mercy, forgiveness, unselfishness and love, people will naturally be drawn to you.

3)     God has a purpose and plan for your life. He has uniquely gifted you to serve him in the family of God and in the world. Throughout your life, always give God the glory as you use your gifts and talents for him.

4)     Show mercy and grace to others in every circumstance. Jesus has forgiven you of much. Do the same for others...and do not hold grudges.

5)     Don't think of yourself as better than others. God created and loves all people regardless of their race, status, job, clothing or speech. Treat everyone with respect.

6)     Be humble. Jesus was an example of humility and service while he was here on earth...even to the point of washing the disciples' feet. Excessive pride is a sin and not pleasing to God.

7)     Do not fall in love with material things. They will not bring you lasting peace and joy...only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ can do that. Jesus calls us to lay up our treasures in heaven. In other words, invest your time, money and energy in the mission of God instead.

8)     God wants your obedience more than your happiness. When faced with the choice...always choose to obey. There will be people, even Christian friends, who will advise you when you're in a difficult situation that, "God wants you to be happy". Trust me, God wants you to obey.

9)     Marriage is for one man and one woman for life. Breaking that vow leads to devastating consequences that will follow you your entire life. And remain pure until marriage.

10)     God will never leave you nor forsake you. Spend time with him every day in prayer and meditating on his Word. Know the book, know the Savior.

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