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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Living a Life of Balance...Is it Possible?

On any given morning, busy moms everywhere can be found packing lunches, making breakfast, signing homework, driving the carpool and then heading off to the gym, the grocery store or the workplace. After that, it's home to plan dinner, wash clothes, clean the house and pay the bills. Our lives are packed with activities and we are sometimes on the move all day long. We don't have time to stop and think...never mind having the time to read the Word or pray. We are pulled in so many directions and are often overcommited. We feel we have to be everything to everyone...supermoms, so to speak. It seems there just aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on our to do lists.

Is it really possible for a busy Mom in today's world to live a balanced life?

I believe it is possible to live a peaceful, ordered, fulfilling life even in today's fast-paced and demanding world.

The first step in finding balance in our lives is to understand and embrace the idea that our purpose in life as Christians is to glorify God with our lives. Period. We do this by serving others, using our gifts and talents for him and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world. This should be what our lives are about. It is, after all, why we're here.

 In order to live a balanced life we may need to change our priorities so that they more closely reflect God's purposes for us.

As I see it, there are 6 components to a balanced life. They are as follows:


 Spiritual growth and training

By spiritual growth and training, I mean spending personal time with the Lord in prayer and Bible study. This should be the most important part of our day. We cannot navigate this life without it. In addition to personal time with him, we also need to be a part of a local body of believers where we can grow, worship, serve and study his Word.

Serving others

If we are to follow the example of Jesus, then our lives must be about sacrificially serving others. Our lives cannot just be all about us. We must open our eyes to the needs around us and then be willing to act. Ask the Lord to put people in your path to whom you can minister ...he will certainly do it. Look around at your circle of influence...your workplace, your neighborhood, your church...you will invariably see many people with needs that you are uniquely equipped to meet.

Working at a job or occupation

(for moms this may entail caring for your children)

Unfortunately, work is a part of life. It's something we have to do in order to put bread on the table. Of course, we can also find joy and blessing in our work. As moms, our work is often in the home, raising our children and providing structure and order. Being a mom is truly a high and holy privilege and calling.

Physical activity

One component of a balanced life is some form of physical activity. We have to stay active in order to stay healthy. The problem is...many people take this to the extreme and become obsessed with exercise or with the appearance of their physical bodies. How much time are you spending at the gym or in training? Does it interfere with family time? Do you spend as much time on ministry or personal Bible study? Are you willing to spend that much time and energy serving others?

Using our gifts and talents to further God's kingdom

As a Christian, you have been blessed with one or more spiritual gifts, as well as, unique talents that you are to use within the church and in the world to glorify God. Don't let these God-given talents go to waste. Use them for the purpose they were intended...to help the body of Christ ( the church) function as it should, to encourage other believers and to draw people to Christ.


I need to be careful here because if we are to share the gospel to every tongue, tribe and nation...then we have a lot of work to do! We also don't want to become lazy. But our bodies do need a time of rest and refreshing so that we can begin each day and each season of life with a renewed energy to live for him and do his work.

As we take a look at our lives, we need to begin to sift out those activities that have nothing to do with God's plan and purpose for us. We need to be intentional and discriminating as to how we spend our limited time and energy.

The Bible clearly says we are not to "lay up treasures on earth where moth and rust corrupt...", but instead we are to "lay up treasures in heaven". Unfortunately, much of what we have spent our time, money and energy on will one day be blown away like the wind...burned up like hay...useless. Only things done for the kingdom of God have eternal value. What are you doing that will last?

We are to be about the business of reflecting God's love to the world...sharing the gospel...passing on the baton of faith to the next generation.

Living a balanced life with God at the center is both a blessing and a joy. And it is a goal that, with God's help, is attainable by all.

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  1. My husband and I were just having a discussion about balancing things in the midst of dauntingly busy days--and then I saw your post on my dashboard! :) Thanks! We needed to read this!


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